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Development Consultant

Do you have property that you think could be developed? Have you thought about trying to do it yourself? Developing land is a very comprehensive and difficult, yet exciting and profitable venture. In fact, it is one of the most profitable ventures available on the market. However, with this high return comes high risk. Southeastern Real Estate Group, Ltd. Co. offers development consultant services to help you minimize this risk. There are many ways that Southeastern can assist in this process:

There are multiple ways to structure each of the examples, below, but these are three of the most common ways to have Southeastern Real Estate Group, Ltd. Co. assist you in the development of your property, while still giving you the right to some higher return than an outright sale:

Provide Land Only:

In this scenario, you as the landowner will provide your property for Southeastern Real Estate Group, Ltd. Co. to design, construct, and finance a development project on. We would agree upon a land value and an interest rate to accrue at in order for us to place the infrastructure and sell or lease the parcels before you are paid for your land. This will provide you with a slightly higher return than an outright sale.

Provide Land and Money:

In this scenario, you as the landowner will provide both the land to be developed and all or some portion of the funds needed to finance the development and construction costs. Southeastern Real Estate Group, Ltd. Co. would serve as a marketing agent as well as a consultant to assist you in gaining all the necessary permits and approval through your local planning and zoning department. Under this structure you would be paid the value of your land plus a small return, you will be paid a return on your money, and profits from the development would be split between you and Southeastern, subject to our negotiating a fair division depending on the project.

Provide Land, Money, and Permitting:

In this scenario, you as the landowner will do everything necessary to get the project ready to be sold. Southeastern Real Estate Group, Ltd. Co. would provide some complimentary guidance and for a small fee could be used for certain aspects of the permitting phase. Ultimately, if you choose this structure you will collect all the profits from developing the project, with Southeastern being paid a sales commission based on a negotiated percentage of the gross sales price.

These options are only a fraction of the available structures. They can be combined and modified. Development can be very lucrative and may be something you want to more seriously consider. Call us today for a free consultation and site visit to your property; we would love to get to see what you have in mind.


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